365 days….

365 days… that’s how long our earth takes to complete one revolution around the sun. 365 days… that’s how long it takes to complete one whole year. 365 days… that’s how long it takes for a person to turn his life around. People usually think it’s just one year, what big can happen in a year!? I say, a lot! If you start to think about how your life was one year back compared to how your life is now, you’ll know what a year can do to your life.

A year ago, I lost the love of my life, at least I thought he was the love of my life. To say that I was messed up would be an understatement. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, instead of living my life, I was just surviving it. I became a stranger to myself. I have never really been a people’s person, but a year ago, I became someone whom I myself couldn’t recognize. I loved him with everything I had in me, I gave him my everything, sounds cliché, but yeah, he left me. I lost my virginity with him, not something I’m proud of, but we all do crazy things when we are in love, right!? So, I was literally left with nothing and that broke me. One year ago, I lost something which I can never get back.

Last year, I also graduated from my college and had no idea what to do next or where to apply for my master’s degree. I had a fall out with my parents, but like most other middle class Indian kid, I had to choose my parents’ wishes over my own dreams. I wasn’t strong enough to come out of my comfortable science background and choose my dream career in journalism, I couldn’t gather up the courage to say no to master’s degree and say yes to journalism. And if you are from India, I think you have a pretty good idea which side my parents chose when it came to journalism versus M.Sc. I was devastated, home became a prison, but somehow, I prepared myself for the 2 years of torture and applied for M.Sc.

So with a shattered heart and a shattered dream I stepped into my new life as a M.Sc. post-graduate student. And boy oh boy, who knew I’ll come across the most crazy ass bunch of people on this planet! They made me happy. They made me forget about my shattered heart and my shattered dream. I’ve had the craziest, funniest times with these people. They’ve barely known me for past one year, but they made me get over something I thought I never could. If I was miserable, they were even more miserable than me. I meet them every day in my classes, and they make my post-graduation life easier every day.

One year ago, I lost myself, I lost my life. 365 days… that’s how long it took me to glue up my broken pieces back together again. 365 days… that’s how long it took me to realize that you can love more than one person in this life. 365 days… that’s how long it took me to understand that your dreams are your own, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue them. 365 days… that’s how long it took me to accept the fact that sometimes, just sometimes, leaning upon someone for support doesn’t make you weak.

I have learnt a lot about myself and about people in the past one year.

What have you done with your life lately?

“Like keep grindin’ boy, your life can change in one year. And even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.” – Unknown.


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