“Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.” – Nyx, the Goddess of the Night, Greek Mythology.

Night… the period of time between the sunset and sunrise when the sunrays do not reach the earth’s surface. 

But is that all the night is about? Is that everything the night stands for? 

Night is not just a period of time on the clock, for me night holds secrets, secrets that I’m afraid to share. Night is the hushed whispers of sweet nothings, Night is the raw passionate love making when two beautiful souls connect with each other, Night is that friend who witnesses your tear stained conversations with your pillow.

Night doesn’t only define darkness, it also defines the beauty of silence, it defines the infinity of the horizon, the fathomless depths of the sky that holds all the mysteries of the universe.

It’s true that Night harbours the creatures and the demons of darkness that prowl the streets as well as the human soul, but it also harbours the ethereal beauty of the constellations and the angelic purity of the Moon.

Night is the kingdom that is ruled by Secret where a demon called Darkness exists but can never defeat the angel called Moon.

So, embrace Night as your friend, tell her your secrets, let her consume your darkness and let the Moon defeat your inner demons.

“Blessed be the night, which conceals and protects things fair and foul with the same indifferent mantle.” – José Saramago. 

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  1. *Claps* dis ws superb yaar…U knw I dnt lyk reading.bt seriously it’s beautiful.rather my best one till date 🙂 love u fr dis 😘

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  2. And who could have been more ‘nocturnal’ to relate with all the things of ‘a’night! :p crisply written! Keep up with more of these happy blogs!

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