“Please stay away from me. I can’t control my flames, I’ll burn you.” He pleaded to her.

“I can’t. I love you.” She replied.

A fire can’t control its flames, that’s impossible. A firefly knows that but it still loves the fire, it still wants to get burnt. Animals tend to get attracted to the stuffs that are forbidden to them. Thats their basic instinct. Nature has forbade the firefly to go near the fire but that doesn’t stop the firefly from loving the fire anyway. The firefly doesn’t care that it will get killed in the process.

Humans, being a part of the animal kingdom, are no different. The more someone forbids us from loving something, the more we fall in love with that very particular thing. Why did Eve eat the apple? Because God forbade her to do so, because it was the ‘forbidden fruit’. She ate it without thinking about the consequences. That’s exactly what love is… when we fall in love we don’t think about the consequences. We fall in love with the things that our society forbids us from. Teenagers get attracted towards smoking or drinking..why? Because our society forbids us from openly doing that. We have an intense curiosity towards sexual relationships.. why? Because in our society sex is a taboo and should be kept behind closed doors, even discussing about it in a public place is forbidden. Many of my friends have asked me why do girls fall for ‘bad boys’, we fall for so called ‘bad boys’ because that’s the exact kind of boys our parents have warned us about, that’s the exact kind of boys we are forbidden to talk to.

But do we really need this? Is talking about sex so bad? Are ‘bad boys’ really that disgusting? What would have happened if Eve never ate the apple? What would have happened if the firefly wasn’t attracted towards the fire? 

God did banish Eve from the garden of Eden for her disobedience but it was because of her disobedience that the human race got the taste of knowledge. Fire does burn the firefly but if it hadn’t then the population of the firefly would have crossed beyond limits, defying the law of Natural Selection. You see, all that society forbids isn’t bad, every rule isn’t meant for our well being, some of them are made just to keep us under the control of our ‘social norms’. Our society is bound by rules, regulations, rituals, illiteracy, fear of religious beliefs but that doesn’t mean our minds have to be too! So break some rules because if you don’t break the rules then how will you break your mind free from this cage called ‘society’?

But most importantly fall in love, if it burns you than let it burn you but at least you can say that you weren’t afraid to do the ‘forbidden deed’. 

Be the firefly who is hopelessly in love with the fire even when the fire pleads her not to be because may be someday you won’t get burnt, may be someday you’ll be able to feel the beautiful soothing warmth of the flames instead of the painful blisters.

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” – Mark Twain.

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  1. If anyone deserves to be appreciated it’s you… 😘😘😘😘😘 extremely extremely well written…. I’m sooooo looking forward to reading your next one….

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  2. And someone told me that she is emotionally wrecked! The heart inside u is brimming with love my friend, and the urge to embrace the forbidden is what it makes it even more prolific on its way! Happy blogging! Loved the pre-puja feed! :-*

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  3. In my opinion so far dis is ur best… ur mind should always b free, let it fly beyond social shackles, fears nd taboos.. u can decide what 2 do nd what not to only after u get d taste of every sides.. b d firefly, don’t fear 2 burn, ur burning is temporary bt dat experience will last 4 lyf tym. …

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  4. Valuable thoughts Amazingly put together…. one of ur best blogs till today… very enriching n honest…
    Thanku so much for writing articles that act as fire extinguishers of truth and peace amidst the deadly fire flakes engulfing the society..
    Waiting for ur nxt blog

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  5. I had to read this twice. I couldn’t help it. You have said what every one of us thinks at the back of our minds. We always get attracted to the things we are forbidden. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. The beauty of pursuing the ones kept distance apart.
    Another extremely well written piece, babe. Keep up the good work.😘😘😘

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