Pain… a temporary feeling that fades with time, a feeling with which a person gets accustomed to eventually, a feeling that makes you go numb. People will say it’s just a ‘phase’ but this so called ‘phase’  breaks you into innumerable pieces. You gradually gather up these tiny pieces and build an impenetrable wall around yourself. You stop caring, you stop showing your emotions, you stop being the person you used to be altogether. People may say that you’re being ignorant but they normally don’t understand the difference between ignorance and Apathy.

It’s true that being in love may give you immense happiness and joy but it also breaks you, forces you to build that impenetrable wall of glass around yourself through which everyone can see you but no one can reach you. It makes you grow cold and numb to the point where you even stop feeling your own pain because you get so much habituated to that constant ache. And funnily enough, it’s true that heart does only pump and circulate blood, but you literally do feel that constant ache in your heart itself. This pain leads on to the feeling of apathy when you don’t even have the energy to hate or despise anyone. So you’re not being ignorant but you’re simply saving and protecting yourself and that’s not a crime. The opposite of love isn’t hate, hate is just love gone bad, the opposite of love is Apathy when you don’t even care whether the other person lives or dies.

People will say that “this too shall pass” and truly enough it will pass but then again wounds of war heal too but do all scars fade? So isn’t it just better to shut off your emotions and embrace apathy as a long lost friend when you are already covered with too much scars…when your dreams are already being haunted by the ghosts of your past?

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s Apathy, when you don’t bother about that person.” – Amish Tripathi, The Secret of the Nagas, Shiva Trilogy.

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  1. Though I can’t really relate 2 dis one bt found some portions true.. in my opinion no matter hw much heart broken nd devastated we r, we cant stop caring nd loving dat person…its nt possible 2 b indifferent…bt ur writing is splendid…keep it up…

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  2. I totally loved this one Ahona. I personally could relate to it. The way you wrote was mind blowing. Keep up your good work and also sometimes check my blogs for reviews if you find some time. :* 🙂 😉

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  3. The showstopper is definitely apathy who lets u understand what true love is! But again the show is owned by love who has the last smile!
    A notion well served ahona! Happy blogging! 😇

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  4. Wowwwww
    Bomb after bomb ahona
    One after another hard.. true realities …… that all of us have go thru in our lives….
    Beautifully written
    Great work lov

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    1. Thank you sooooooo much re… I always try to write stuffs that we’ve experienced in our lives and to which people can relate to… thanks for the appreciate re… means everything to m… 😘😘


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